#Racefor7 is a 7000 Meters walk for the cause of over 350 million patients with rare diseases with a significant public health burden globally. The run occurs simultaneously in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and around the Washington Monument on the 25th, last Sunday of Feb. The walk in USA will extend a global chain of ~7000 runners in India. Racefor7 symbolizes the 7000 rare diseases with 7000 people walking for 7000 Meters. The event emphasizes the need to engage diverse patients into global clinical trials.

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Racefor7 Event Management Team
Email: usa@ordindia.org
Phone: 001 540.239.0465

For information about rare diseases in India, follow www.ordindia.org
For information about India Racefor7 event, follow www.racefor7.com

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